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The company combines long-time experiences of different researchers in the fields of electronic engineering and sensor development. Right from the beginning, microsensor systems were sold to customers in life sciences. Already in its first decade of operation PreSens became one of the leading companies in the field of chemical optical sensor technology. Together with its partners it offers full service in Europe, America and Asia.

We offer systems for

  • Oxygen measurement in gases and liquids

  • Non-invasive online pH, CO2 and oxygen measurement

  • Oxygen and pH sensors for single-use bioreactors

  • Microsensors for pH and oxygen

  • Process control in shake flasks incl. biomass monitoring

  • Low-maintenance DO measurement for fermentation and bioreactor systems

  • Online oxygen and pH measurement in disposables like multiwell plates and plastic bags

  • Imaging solutions for 2D-mapping of oxygen-, pH-, and CO2-distributions

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