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SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit

gDNA 오염이 없이 total RNA 또는 small RNA를 빠르고 효율적으로 추출

  • Total RNA from blood, tissues and cultured cells samples in less than 1 hour
  • Efficient depletion of globin mRNA
  • Option to split into large RNA and small RNA fractions
  • High RNA integrity and purity, free of genomic DNA
  • Excellent extraction efficiency
  • Complete RNA size range from < 17 nt to > 10,000 nt
  • Split into large RNA and small RNA fractions with a cutoff at ~150 nt
  • RIN up to 10, full-length RNAs suitable for virtually all applications
  • Genomic DNA-free: no DNase treatment necessary
  • High yield: up to 100 µg RNA per extraction
  • Phase-lock gel tubes for efficient, comfortable and safe phase separation
  • Universal and fast protocol: RNA extraction in 30-35 min. from blood, tissues, cells, etc

Kit Content:

  • Buffers and Purification Columns
  • Phase-Lock Gel Columns

SPLIT workflow: