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FACSCOPE B Automatic Cell Counter

가장 정확하고 사용자 친화적인 Cell Counter


FACSCOPE B Automatic Cell Counter

An automatic cell counter based on a bright-field microscope designed to satisfy customer’s need.

FACSCOPE B performs cell counting with a simple touch while staining samples with trypan blue.

The features of FACSCOPE B are competitive as a cell counter for better data and reliable results.



슬라이드 일회용 슬라이드, 50개/박스 (슬라이드 당 4개 샘플 로딩)
샘플 주입 용량 20 ㎕
측정 농도 범위 1×10^4 - 1×10^7 cells/ml
검출 가능 세포 지름 5-60 µm
대물렌즈 배율 4x
카메라 5 Mega pixel 고해상도 단색 CMOS 이미지 센서
크기 (W x D x H) 163 x 293 x 216 mm
무게 5 kg
전압 AC 100~240 V, 50~60 Hz
전류 Max. 1.0 A, 50W
측정 속도* Quick mode: ≤ 20s per test
Normal mode: ≤ 30s per test
Precise mode: ≤ 100s per test
카운팅 영역 Quick mode: ≈ 0.15 μL
Normal mode: ≈ 0.9 μL
Precise mode: ≈ 3.6 μL
*세포 계수 시간은 세포 유형 및 농도에 따라 다름.

Imaging capturing system

- Detection level of brightness not affected by image variation

- Reducing human error and increasing repeatability by auto-focusing


Analyzing algorithm

- Improved detection of difficult-to-observe cell shape (e.g. irregular and aggregated)

- Measuring viability by accurate distinguishing dead and living cells


User-centered operation

- Preset allows a researcher to have an option depending on the cell type

- Determine desired cell size through gating parameter

- Manage data individually by creating a multiple user group


Additional handy tool

- Multi USB ports enable to export PDF report, CSV file and use a thermal printer

- Assign a channel ID with a barcode scanner and a keypad

- Up to four-channel slide counting available at a time