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Micro Tubes

Standard tubes, SafeSeal tubes, Low Binding tubes

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1.Small tubes that are big on details

-Wide lid connection - easy closing

-Durable label fields - secure labelling

-Clear graduation - quick volume estimations


-Easy handling : the optimised design makes it easier to open and close the tubes and facilitates efficient handling in any application

-Chemical resistant : the processed materials are resistant to a wide range of the most commonly used solvents, acids and bases

-Temperature resistant : polypropylene micro tubes can be autoclaved at 121ºC and withstand temperatures as low as -80ºC

-Transparent : highly polished tools and premium raw materials guarantee that you will always be able to see your sample inside the tube

-Durable : the combination of design and materials enables the micro tubes to be centrifuged up to 20,000 x g, and some variants can even be centrifudge up to 30,000 x g


-0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml or the intermediate 5ml

-Biosphere® plus, PCR Performance Tested or standard quality

-SafeSeal, standard or easy-fit caps

-Low binding, coloured or transparent


1.Standard Tubes

Ordering Information - 0.5ml micro tubes
Cat No. Colour Packaging bag/case
72.699 transparent 1,000/5,000
72.699.001 red 500/5,000
72.699.002 yellow 500/5,000
72.699.003 blue 500/5,000
72.699.004 green 500/5,000
72.699.005 violet 500/5,000
Ordering Information - 1.5ml micro tubes
Cat No. Colour Packaging bag/case
72.690.001 transparent 500/5,000
72.690.004 brown 500/5,000
72.690.007 violet 500/5,000
72.690.475 blue 500/5,000
72.690.476 green 500/5,000
72.690.477 red 500/5,000
72.690.478 yellow 500/5,000
Ordering Information - 2.0ml micro tubes
Cat No. Colour Packaging bag/case
72.691 transparent 500/5,000
72.691.001 brown 500/5,000
72.691.002 red 500/5,000
72.691.004 yellow 500/5,000
72.691.005 green 500/5,000
72.691.006 blue 500/5,000
72.691.007 violet 500/5,000

2.SafeSeal Micro Tubes

Ordering Information - 0.5ml SafeSeal micro tubes
Cat No. Purity grade Colour Packaging bag/inner box/case
72.704.500 Biosphere® plus transparent 50/250/500
72.704.400 PCR performance tested transparent 250/500/2,000
72.704 transparent 250/500/2,000
72.704.001 brown 250/500/2,000
72.704.002 red 250/500/2,000
72.704.004 yellow 250/500/2,000
72.704.005 green 250/500/2,000
72.704.006 blue 250/500/2,00
Ordering Information - 1.5ml SafeSeal micro tubes
Cat No. Purity grade Colour Packaging bag/inner box/case
72.706.200 Biosphere® plus transparent 50/250/500
72.704.400 PCR performace tested transparent 250/1,000/2,000
72.706 transparent 250/1,000/2,000
72.706.001 brown 250/1,000/2,000
72.706.002 red 250/1,000/2,000
72.706.004 yellow 250/1,000/2,000
72.706.005 green 250/1,000/2,000
72.706.006 blue 250/1,000/2,000
Ordering Information - 2.0ml SafeSeal micro tubes
Cat No. Purity grade Colour Packaging bag/inner box/case
72.695.200 Biosphere® plus transparent 50/250/500
72.695.400 PCR performace tested transparent 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.500 transparent 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.001 brown 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.002 red 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.004 yellow 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.005 green 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.006 blue 250/1,000/2,000
72.695.007 violet 250/1,000/2,000

3.Low binding micro tubes

Ordering Information - Low binding micro tubes
Cat No. Low Binding Volume Packaging bag/inner box/case
72.704.600 Protein 0.5ml 50/300/1,200
72.704.700 DNA 0.5ml 50/300/1,200
72.706.600 Protein 1.5ml 50/200/800
72.706.700 DNA 1.5ml 50/200/800
72.695.600 Protein 2.0ml 50/200/800
72.695.700 DNA 2.0ml 50/200/800

1.Standard micro tubes

Sarstedt micro tubes in standard quality are the optimal day-to-day companions in any lab.

Made of durable polypropylene and easy to handle, they are ideal for any routine application.

-Durable standard quality : all micro tubes can be safely centrifuged at 20,000 x g

-Sophiscated design : easy to open, securely sealed when closed

-Larger packaging units : economical storage and backup

2.SafeSeal micro tubes

SafeSeal micro tubes are especially suitable for use under thermal or mechanical stress.

The lid design with a molded retaining cam allows for reliable sealing even at high centrifugation forces, or when mixing or heating samples.

The SafeSeal micro tubes offer additonal security when handling especially sensitive reagents, detergents such as SDS, or volatile substances.

-Special lid design : secure sealing even under thermal and mechanical stress

-Durable : 2.0ml micro tubes can be centrifuged up to 25,000 x g, 0.5 and 1.5ml micro tubes can be centrifuged up to 30,000 x g, without the lids opening unexpectedly

-Certified quality : three purity grades ro meet all requirements

3.Low Binding micro tubes

Sarstedt has developed micro tubes and screw cap micro tubes that ensure a maximum recovery rate to meet the requirements of protein and DNA analytics.

Minimising sample loss - especially for costly and valuable reagents - is essential to save costs, achieve accurate analysis results, and ensure secure storage over a long period of time.

Special high-quality plastics are used for Sarstedt low binding vessels. A repellent coating, for example with silicones, which could falsify the analyses is not necessary,

-Available in three sizes : 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml

-Durable : Low protein binding tubes can be centrifuged up to 20,000 x g, low DNA binding tubes can be centrifuged up to 30,000 x g (2ml up to 25,000 x g)

-Certified PCR Performance Tested quality : DNA-free, DNase/RNase-free and free forma PCR inhibitors

-Convenient small pack sizes : 50 tubes in a resealable bag to reduce risk of contamination