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[Cryogenic Vial] CellSeal

Cryopreservation for Cell Theraphy Product (End Products, Viral Vector etc.)


CellSeal® Closed-System Cryogenic Vials

1. Cyclic olefin co-polymer material makes vials break-resistant at cryopreservation storage temperatures to -196°C

2. Microbial-barrier vent provides ambient pressure fill and prevents contamination

3. Sealed design protects against virus contamination in liquid or vapor-phase nitrogen storage

4. Syringe and pipette fill port options provide compatibility with your procedure protocols

5. Conical bottom allows for maximum recovery

6. Volume sizes scale from manual filling to large-scale automation


Individual Vials

Description Number Of Vials Per Package Product Number
2 mL Needleless Barbed 25 CSV-046
5 mL Needleless Barbed 10 CSV-048
2 mL Clear Access 4 CSV-051-4
5 mL Clear Access 4 CSV-052-4

Consistency : uniform freezing and thawing profile

Durability : fracture resistance

Safety : heat sealed to prevent contamination

Usability : maximum recovery

Flexibility : multiple fill ports and sizes

Scalability : choice of manual or automated filling

※ Availabe DMF(Drug Master File): US FDA Standard