[COOK REGENTEC] Cryogenic Vial & Automatic Filling Station & Cell Theraphy


The CellSeal vial is unlike conventional bags and stoppered or screwcap vials because of its unique design. It is created from USP class VI materials chosen specifically for their resistance to chemicals, durability under true cryogenic temperatures, and maximum cell recovery upon retrieval.

This difference in the design means you get:

  • Consistency: uniform freezing and thawing profile
  • Durability: fracture resistance
  • Safety: heat sealed to prevent contamination
  • Usability: maximum recovery
  • Flexibility: multiple fill ports and sizes
  • Scalability: choice of manual or automated filling

With the patented CellSeal vial design, you can reduce risks and add control from early stage product concepts through commercialization.

Moving from concept to commercialization, the CellSeal AF-500 delivers the automation difference in a precision engineered, GMP compatible, fill-finish system. For cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers, the AF-500 provides the path to scale up and standardization with:

  • Accuracy: 99% fill accuracy
  • Productivity: filling up to 400 vials per hour
  • Traceability: detailed process parameters included in batch record and audit trail
  • Sterility: suitable for Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilization
  • Versatility: designed for a controlled environment; benchtop, biosafety cabinet, or isolator

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