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Signosis is a leader of bioassay provider over a decade, dedicated to the development and commercialization of plate-based analysis products in the life sciences community. We focus on many regulatory key molecules: transcription factors, cytokines, miRNAs, and disease markers. Our mission is to provide excellent products and service worldwide, which include scientists in pharmaceutical companies and biotech industry, academic and research institutes in many countries. We object to develop innovative assay products with high sensitivity, high throughput and cost-effectiveness.

At Signosis, we also offer a wide-selection of validated luciferase reporter cell lines that measure transcription factor activity as a read-out for various signaling pathways in many cell lines and provide a wide spectrum of over-expression stable cell lines, including a series of EGFR mutant over-expression stable cell lines.

In addition, Signosis provides custom services in making custom assay kits, or/and performing the assay and data analysis, generating custom stable cell lines to facilitate greatly scientists research projects.

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