[Expedeon] Thunder-Link® PLUS Oligo Conjugation System



Expedeon의 Thunder-Link® conjugation kit로 쉽고 효율적으로 실험해 보세요!

Thunder-Link® PLUS  Conjugation Kit

Thunder-Link® PLUS enables simple and rapid conjugation of antibodies to oligonucleotides, with high recovery of materials and a superior clean up procedure. The kit is quick and simple to use, overcoming time consuming and lengthy protocols associated with standard conjugation methods.

Thunder-Link®  PLUS Features and Benefits

  • Quick and easy to use – Save time, no specialist knowledge required
  • High levels of antibody and oligo recovery – Save precious reagents
  • Use your own oligo and antibody, at your desired ratio – Flexible
  • Freeze dried – Ships at ambient temperature, long shelf life
  • Stringently QC tested – Consistent high quality, excellent batch to batch reproducibility
  • Unidirectional chemistry – No risk of crosslinking
  • Covalent bond – Highly stable conjugates
  • Suitable for single stranded oligos of 10–120 bases, double stranded oligos up to 80 base pairs – Covers the majority of sequences
  • Linking chemistry works at both 5’ and 3’ end – Provides ability to combine with other modifications
  • Postconjugation clean up step – No interference from unbound oligo’s
  • Positive control antibody and oligo included – Enables confirmation of protocol success
  • A wide range of target proteins – Also applicable to antibody fragments and small proteins.

Advantages of Thunder-Link® PLUS:

  • Only 30 minutes antibody and oligo activation
  • Fast oligo conjugation – Now only one hour!
  • High antibody and oligo recovery
  • Robust and flexible clean up procedure (now works with antibody fragments and other proteins).

Thunder-Link® PLUS Kit Components

  1. Thunder-Link® PLUS Oligo Activation reagent
  2. Thunder-Link® PLUS Antibody Activation Reagent
  3. Freeze dried control oligo
  4. Freeze dried control antibody
  5. Separating columns
  6. Thunder-Link® PLUS Wash buffer
  7. Thunder-Link® PLUS Conjugate Clean Up Reagent
  8. Thunder-Link® PLUS Antibody Suspension Buffer.