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3D culture?

생체 내와 같은 입체적인 환경을 조성해 주어 세포 본래의 특성이 재현되도록 하는 세포 배양법


3D culture의 필요성


2D vs. 3D Culture

2D Cell Culture 3D Cell Culture
Advantages • Well established for primary assessment

• Economical

• Easy and convenient for the analysis set up

• High throughput capacity: feasible

• Substrates mimic the natural extracellular matrix

Mimic the in vivo microenvironment, as well as cell-cell and cell-matrix interaction

• Enable the assessment of tissue penetration ability and bystander killing efficiency of drugs, as well as the drug resistance of cells.

• Low design-in vitro-in vivo-redesign requirement: reduce overall cost for the pre-clinical in vivo test

Disadvantages • Lack cell-cell & cell-matrix interaction information

• Unable to mimic in vivo microenvironment

• Homogenous drug distribution

• Unable to assess the tissue penetration ability and bystander killing efficiency of drugs or the drug resistance of cells

• Relatively low throughput capacity

• More expensive and laborious for the establishment of culture models and set-up of analyzing experiments


3D culture plate 제품 소개

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3D culture

Reprocell Alvetex®Scaffold 12 Well Plate×2 AVP002-2
Alvetex®Scaffold 24 Well Plate×2 AVP006-2
Alvetex®Scaffold 96 Well Plate×2 AVP009-2
WAKO PrimeSurface plate 24F 627-01419
PrimeSurface 96U White plate 621-01439
PrimeSurface 96V plate 629-01099
PrimeSurface 96U plate 635-21039
PrimeSurface 384U plate 628-01449
PrimeSurface 384U White plate 625-01459
PrimeSurface 35mm dish 009-77000MS-9035XZ
PrimeSurface 60mm dish 009-77000MS-9060XZ
PrimeSurface 90mm dish 009-77000MS-9090XZ